Friday, May 15, 2009

TwiceToddlers and Ms. Spider's Sunnypatch

For Christmas last year, my Aunt Janice, my twins Great Aunt Janice, gave them the Ms. Spider's Sunny patch book series. Well, I read them half of one of the books and have not read anymore since. I think the books, at this time, might be to wordy for them.

Then, one day as I was channel surfing, I came to the cartoon channel Noggin and what do you know, there is a cartoon series on Ms. Spider's Sunny patch book series. I found this channel, and cartoon, two weeks ago and my twins, and Mommy, just love it.

Mommy loves the cartoon series because it teaches manners, how telling the truth is important and just being kind to one another is a good thing. I also like how each insect takes of human characteristics, so to speak. Also, they bugs and spiders use "buggy" or "bugs" in place of baby or a person's name. It is just adorable. Each spider, butterfly, worm, ant or any other insect takes after human characteristics that is. The insects themselves are not equal to humans by any means.

This is a great book and cartoon series and something I can watch with my twins without having to turn the channel for fear of retraining their minds; unlike some other popular cartoon channels I know.

Praise God and Thanks Great Auntie Janice..

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