Thursday, May 7, 2009

TwiceToddlers and Our After Nap Walk

After my twins woke up from their nap this afternoon, I gave them some Disney Animal cookies, gave them their new toy I purchased with a gift card I received from an online survey, had the girls put on their shoes and we went for a walk.

The walk was just around our neighborhood, not too long. The girls wanted to see one of their friends, well their Grammie and Papa's friend, but we knocked on the door and she was not there. So, we walked back across the street and found one of our other friends standing outside with her kids. These neighbors live within walking distance of me and we rarely see each other. So today, when we saw each other it was very nice. We chit chatted a while and we exchanged phone numbers. I will call her tomorrow after my twins wake up from their nap and invite them to come on over to play in our backyard.

My neighbor (I won't use her name) is pregnant with her third child. This walk will probably be refreshing for her and her children can play in a big backyard with a swingset, water table and sand box.

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