Monday, May 4, 2009

TwiceToddlers New Phrase: "What You Say?"

This is too funny. Daddy, nor Mommy, have no idea where they learned this phrase from? It is the cutest though. Twin "A" and Twin "B" say it to each other and sometimes to Mommy and Daddy. The cutest thing though is, the way they say it and the look on their face. Sometimes, they will put their hands on their hips as they say "What you say"?

Yes, as my twins grow, so do their language skills. Many of their new phrases just crack me up and I have to ask them, at least twice, what they said. If my twins learned this phrase, it is safe to say they heard it from one of their daycare friends.

I just love seeing my twins grow and develop. It is just sad seeing them grow and develop out of infant hood, into toddler hood. But, I have to always praise my Lord they are healthy in all ways.


  1. how funny! I just hear it!

  2. Hey Monk,
    The girls are growing up and there's not a thing you can do about it--so just embrace the changes and enjoy the ride !!!!! You and Daddy are their best examples they will ever have.