Monday, June 6, 2011

TwiceGirlies and Their First Week of Summer Vacation

Last week ended the first week of my twins summer vacation. So far they have yet to ask when they go back to school. I told them when they go back to school and I hope they will not ask. I just want them to enjoy their time off. They are able to sleep in, play indoors, outdoors and continue our walks around the neighborhood.

Along with doing the above, we will have more play dates and complete this seasons ballet/tap class. We do have plans for this summer, but they have not begun yet. Well, especially with this weather. Well, it is actually called "June Glum". Let's see, it is raining down in the valley and snowing in the foothills and high mountains. I mean, it is seasonal for it to be raining down in the valley to allow the crops to grow, but all the snow in the foothills and high mountains...come on now..

I am looking forward to my twins starting swim lessons soon and then my family eventually getting away for at least a weekend, away from the heat...

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