Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Walk to the Park with Twins 4th of July 2007

This morning, Daddy, Mommy, Twins "A&E" walked to our park where all the big city events take place. Today, being the 4th of July or Indepenence Day, would be no different.

Even before we got to the park the heat came on strong. We knew as soon as we got home the A/C would be coming on.

Once at the park, we saw lots of venders on one side, next to the street, and on the other side, near the homes, were food and drink vendors, not to mention a sitting place for beer drinkers.

Walking around the park, with Twins "A&E" in their pink Jeep strollers, were many people playing with water guns, frisbee's there were people singing on stage.

Then, Daddy ran into an old high school friend who was passing out his church frisbee's and we got to talking for a while.

A photographer from a local newspaper too photos of my babies because they looked so cute and were wearing these cute red starred headbands Mommy got them from the Target dollar bins.

The photographer said their photo might show up in the paper and to that I said, "Alright".

After talking to Daddy's friend and pastor, we headed home. The heat was getting stronger and our sweeties had no SPF lotion on.

It was a nice morning, we did miss the parade, but next year we will go when they are older, can talk and understand a little bit more what a parade is all about.

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