Sunday, July 1, 2007

When the Twins are seperated


Daddy and Mommy took a baby out and about town, separately.

I took Twin "B" to World Market, Tar'get and Walmart. She was talking up a storm, well, baby talk, and smiling like crazy. Everywere we went, she got a smile from someone and we ran into a friend on mine when we worked together at HRBMC in Pleasanton. She has a sweet little girl who will be 22 months this month.

I suggested we have a playdate, I can come to her home if she wants me to.

Then, we went home and Twin "B" ate lunch, played on the Kangaroo Climber for a while then went down for a nap with sister.

Daddy, took Twin "A" to the grocery store to get more pear juice, lettuce and meats for us for our dinners. Oh, Daddy also got more fruits for our sweetie pies.

When Daddy got home, he fed Twin "A" and called me on cell to see if we were close to home so Twin "B" could eat some yummies.

Daddy and Mommy love taking our sweeties out seperately because they need it. They need to know they are not connected at the hip and can have fun with Daddy or Mommy on their own with no competition.

And no, I did not hear about doing this from anyone or any website, this was my decision to do this because I could see one day, Twin "B" felt she was not getting enough attention from Mommy.

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