Thursday, July 12, 2007

Moms and Parents..against Mercury Part II

Did you know that mercury is in all flu shots?

I recall being in my obstetrician office and on one of the cabinet was a sign asking patients to take their flu shots.

No way I said, I will not take a flu shot because every time I have taken a flu guessed it, I got the flu.

At the time I saw that sign, I had no idea mercury was in a flu shot though. I just knew I was not taking a flu shot..period.

Fast forward 2006-2007, I found out in fact flu shots contain mercury. Although, you doctor will be clueless because they are not schooled on this fact or play dumb. You see, they are doing their best to sell these flu shots to infants and seniors! The two most vulnerable groups in our society today. In fact, it is a scare tactic they is used by the CDC, WHO and your neighborhood doctor.

When have we had a flu epidemic? And, even so, it should be up to you, not indoctrination, to take a mercury laden vaccine which will weaken your immune system.

Here, read more about mercury at Moms Against Mercury.

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