Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Overcast Skies and TwiceBabies Love It!

Oh, today, well this morning, we all woke up to overcast skies.

The sun makes an appearance every now and then, but the weather in my city is actually tolerable today.

It is as if we have beach weather here. I like it and so do my girls.

They like it because they can still play outside without wearing long pants of some sort.

We actually get a reprieve in the hottest city in Nor Cal.

This morning, we played outside for a while, but I had to do some errands around the house. This meant my twins following me and practically on my heels seeing what I am doing. They helped me but dishes away and helped me make my bed.

Around 11ish, Nana called and we talked to her for a while. Then, Twin "B" bit her sister Twin "A" on the back. Let's see, that would make it 3x Twin "B" had bit her sister this week. Yes, the biting began on Sunday morning, the Monday afternoon and then this morning.

Yes, I already know she does this out of frustration and because "she is still teething". But! This is no excuse for her getting mad or being mean to her sister.

Well, I put her in time out for 5 minutes......

When my sweeties get up from their nap, we will go outside they can play on their climbing toy and maybe I can read one of my many, many magazines I have.

Have a Blessed Day!

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