Friday, July 6, 2007

Twins Turn 20 Months!

Today "A&E" turned 20 Months! July 5, 2007

Can you believe that!!

They are already 20 months!

My, how the time goes by so fast. You blink, and they are no longer infants, you blink twice, and they are going on 2 years old pretty soon.

That alwasys seems to happen when you are not paying attention. They grow right before your eyes.

Enjoy and cherish your little ones now, even though they are going through infanthood, you will miss it once it is gone.


  1. How true!! I have twin girls that just turned 18 years old and seeing your blog made me remember how much fun it was when they were babies!! ahhhh.... those were the days. :) It's awesome having twins! I wish everyone could experience it!

  2. Twins mst be a handful. My 6 month old boy is a handful already. Good luck