Monday, July 2, 2007

Monday Memories with My Twins

Today, we actually all got up early, like normal people, fed the twins, I took a shower while Daddy fed the twins. Then, Twins "A&E" and I played outside a bit, came in, got them dresses, Daddy took a shower, then went to work.

Then, I put them in their crib for probably 20 minutes because the fussies were coming out. That gave me time to relax on my chaise lounge and get a bit of sun and pray to my Jesus.

Once I heard the girls getting up, I started the truck, brought it out to the driveway, went to the girls room and got them out of their cribs and allowed themselves to hop into the truck as the love to do. Once they are inside, I snap their seatbelts around them, get myself snapped into and off we went to the grocery store so I could get cash for all the coins that had accumulated over the years.

Well, usually, I take all the silver coins and put them in my car. But we had so many pennies!
I got $38. and change. Not too bad...

While at the grocery store, I ran into one of my Mom of Twins friends who was counting cigarettes with a scanner. She works for this company where she goes from one particular grocery store to another and counts what is left in that particular product.

I need to ask her if there are any openings left.

Right now, I am hoping to get a homescan from a certain company where I can scan products from my home on purchases I make.

Well, from the grocery store, we went to the mall to look for a white button down shirt for Daddy to wear when we take photographs this mont in HB.

After that, we came home, Daddy was home for lunch, and fed the girls, but then down for a nap, still napping, and I went to the bank, came home, and paid some bills.

Oh, I also completed some online surveys.

Today,the gardeners should be here too.

It is nice actually getting up at a normal time like regular people do.

That always works when you go to bed at a normal time too!

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