Monday, July 16, 2007

Driving Around Town with the Twins

This afternoon, after my sweeties got up from their two hour nap, Nana, Mommy, A&E went driving around town and shopping.

Our first stop, HomeGoods where Mommy bought a cute box that reads, Live, Laugh, Love, a cutting board and two plastic tumbler cups, then, I went to Starbucks and purchased some of their cool straws and finally, off to Kohl's where I got my sweeties an outfit and a LeapFrog fridge toy.

While at Kohl's and trying toddler shoes on them, Twin B went ballistic because I took a shoe back from her. Oh goodness, this rarely happens to me, one or both my twins acting this way.

But, I guess it is bound to happen. This usually happens when they are tired or sleepy though.

Okay, so I will probably talk to you again tomorrow.

Have a blessed day!

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