Sunday, July 15, 2007

Twins Love Nana and Papa

Oh yes, when one of our twins get frusrated or just mad, do they go to Daddy or Mommy? Oh no, they are going to Nana and Papa!

Oh well, I guess this is how it is with babies and their grandparents.

Yesterday, my whole family went to this very nice and big park in the city my sister lives in to take family photos with my sister's very nice digital camera I would like to have. It is a Nikon and oh so powerful.

Well, let's just say my twins were none to happy. First of all, I had no idea what time it was in the day, it was in fact 4ish, and they were getting hungry, second, one of my twins had a dirty diaper.

Note to self: next time we are to do a big event or take more family photos, feed the twins first and double check their diapers too!

Goodness gracious! When we drove back to my sister's home,we changed their diapers and fed them, which kinda calmed them down.

Then, they began playing with their cousins toys on wheels and they made them more happy and smiles all around again.

Will wonders ever cease!

Talk to you soon!

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