Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wal Mart Outing with Twins

This morning, we got up around 8:30ish, my twins played outside while I fixed their cereal, oatmeal with pears and Daddy took a shower.

Since yesterday, I have been feeding my babies their breakfast in the backyard and they sit on their little patio chairs. It is so cute. Sometimes, Twin "A" will fall over, but that is because she is moving around so much. It is a good thing the chair is close to the grass.

So, my twins sit in their chair and I, Mommy, sit at the end of the chaise lounge chair, feeding them like little birdies, their morning oatmeal cereal.

They are just so sweet.

After breakfast, Mommy took a shower, with the girls sitting on the bathroom floor as they always do. They are not big fans of being far away from Mommy.

Once my shower was done, I got dressed, brushed my teeth and hair and my sweetie pies helped me make the bed by giving me the decorative pillows.

When that was done, off to Wal Mart we went to get some travel size toiletries. I like those because they are small and nice to keep in the SUV for anything, Mommy also got the girls this bead toy where they move the beads around the wire. It was small and bulky at all, so I got two, I also got two window covers for the truck so no sun would get in while driving far distances with my girls in the back. They have Pooh on them and will make it easier for them to sleep. Oh, I also got them a cute pink dress with attached bloomers and two hair accessories for myself.

When we got home, Mommy got their lunch ready and they played on the porch with their new toy. Then, Daddy came home for lunch.

After the girls lunch, they went down for their nap and it sounds like they are waking up right now.

Gotta Go~

Have a blessed day!

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