Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Downtown Disney and the Twins

When my twins, myself, Papa and Nana went to Downtown Disney, they had so much fun. They loved the crowds, the lights and the music being played by street musicians. They also loved the Wetzel Pretzel big time and my lemonade.
Now, when Papa let the twins walk, or run, around, Papa had to run after them. It is a good thing Downtown Disney is not too big to loose a baby or babies.
Next year, I will be sure to bring their puppy dog and teddy bear leashes to try and keep them under control.
Last year when we went to Downtown Disney, they were only 7 months old and were still in their stroller because they were not walking....yet...
My twins are a joy indeed.....I love seeing them grow and develop. They are trying so hard right not to make sentences....the day they learn to speak English and use sentences will be my day of ....fill in the blank for me.....
Have a blessed day!

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