Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Do your twins understand and listen to you?

Starting at 18 months, my twins began to understand what I was talking about.

It was around this age they would look at my lips and actually try and understand what I was saying and asking them to do.

This is so cool. I mean, when you see you child or twins, actually doing their best to comprehend what Mommy or Daddy is saying or relaying to one of them it just melts your heart.

My twins now are 20 months but will be 21 months in a couple of days.

Today for instance, we were all three in our backyard and I saw one of their binkies next to our sliding glass door. I thought Twin "B" wanted it and I told her where she could find her BLUE BINKI at the PATIO DOOR. I also pointed to where it was.

Amazed by Twin "B", she walked over to the patio door, found and picked up her blue binkie and brought it to me.

Wow! I mean WOW!

To many who read this you may think this is no big deal, but it is because this means she is comprehending my words and meaning and she is learning...

Learning is the most important thing here...

Praise the Lord!

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