Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Moms of Twins who work at home

Since giving birth to my twins, I have been searching and searching for some sort of work to do at home.

If I could do some sort of lending industry work at home without leaving my home, I would. I even applied for a SAH job on Craigslist. Did I ever get a response? Of course not, that would have been too easy. I even gave the company my resume for reference.

Even before I became pregnant though, I used to do online surveys for extra money, but I got tired of doing them and stopped altogether.

Well, that all changed when I became a Mommy and wanted to stay home with my sweeties.

Now, all I do are online surveys which I have listed under my favorite websites. I also do this blog and some of my surveys allow me to test products at home which is pretty nice.

I am hoping to join this one survey company where I can get paid at home for letting them know what groceries I purchase weekly.

What would be real nice is doing a data entry job at home, that is actually legitimate. By this I mean where you, the wanna be data entry person does not have to pay out monies to do any type of data entry work.

When was the last time you paid your employer to work for them? Ah, never I hope!

And, as you see from my blog, I also do many crafts which I am hoping to sell to my readers.

If you know of any other legitimate at-home businesses I can do, no ML M's please, let me know.

Have a Blessed Day!

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