Sunday, July 8, 2007

Daddy Time with Twin "A"

This morning, Daddy took Twin "A" on some errands around town.

  • First Stop: Go to office and look for a key for someone, could be find it so went to tenents home to get another copy.
  • Second Stop: Went to a friends home to give him the key to do repairs at this home.
  • Third Stop: Went to Mom and Dad's home to get the paper.
  • Fourth and Final Stop: To get Daddy and Mommy lunch.

After all this, they came home and Daddy fed Twin "A" her lunch.

Twin "A" has been real fussy lately since she is waiting for her molars to come in. It must not be a pleasant feeling having four BIG teeth cut through her gums. Plus, she has bad rashes and other stuff that babies get sometimes; something adults get a touch of sometimes let me just put it that way.

So, Daddy and Twin "A" too had a nice morning.

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