Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Diaper Champ

Having twins takes using at least 12 diapers per day with each baby.

If you are pregnant with twins or already have infant twins, I would suggest this Diaper Champ by Baby Trend.

When I was pregnant with my twins, my Mom and Sister suggested I register for the Diaper Champ instead of the brand my sister has where you have to get a specific replacement bag for the inside of the diaper disposable unit.

With the Diaper Champ, which can be purchased at Babies R Us online or at the store, there is no need to purchase a specific replacement bag. All you need to use is any plastic groceru store bag or any of your favorite shopping stores bags.

Even with the Diaper Champ, you will still need to dump it out everyday until you no longer use 12-14 diapers per day; just a reminder!

I love mine and am still using it, well at least until my twins are potty trained.

So, if you are going to register for a diaper disposable item, I am suggesting this one.

1 comment:

  1. I highly recommend something like the diaper champ! I've got a 17 Month old and oh man, I know all about the 12 diapers per day routine.

    These things are incredible at containing odor.