Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Twins and Drinking Milk in the Evening

At almost two, and ready to begin potty training, this is probably the right time to reduce their milk intake in the evenings.

By the ages 17-20 months, babies, not just twins, should be able to "hold" their pee pee all night. That is, their bladder muscles are becoming stronger and able to go all night without as much as a drop of pee in their diapers.

If your twins wake in the morning and you change their diapers only to find out they are dry, thi is your indication they are getting ready use night diapers.

But, like I stated in a previous post, I would wait to fully potty train them when they can speak our lanuage and or communicate their rediness.

Today, in the backyard, after lunch, I was changing their diapers when I just thought to myself, "Self, let them just run around in the backyard bare bottom." So, they did and when they began to pee, as I was hoping they would, they began to cry and get fussy.

But hey, that is why I let them run around bare bottomed.

Also, Twin "A" has a nasty rash in her pee pee area because she is teething still and those molars are no fun I can guarantee you that much!

Anway!! Back to the milk. Just remember that when they reach the ages of 17-20 months, this is probably a good time to limit their milk intake at night. Otherwise, how will you know if their bladder muscles are getting stronger?

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