Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Can You Spell RED TAPE?

There is red tape up the you know what.

This is one reason why I have such disdain for the medical community. They have given me even more of a reason to have a bad taste in my mouth due to their uncaring ways.

Let me tell you why I have come to this conclusion:

Recall my blog from yesterday, when I had to go to my GP so he could send a referral letter via fax to my neurologist. Well, I did go see my GP, I paid $20.00, sat with my girls for 40 minutes, to see him for 5 minutes, and after my appt., the nurse faxed over my GP's referral letter so I would be able to get another refill for my daily injection for the Multiple Sclerosis symptoms I have.

This afternoon, not this morning when I should have received a call, but this afternoon, my specialty pharmacy called me to say she had bad news and that I will not get my prescription of injections until Friday.

Friday, when I leave for vacation. Friday, which is what I told my pharmacy on Monday when I placed my order, I will be on vacation for two weeks! Then, Tuesday, I talked to neurologist office and they said I need do see my GP, which I did, just to get my refill! You would have though that yesterday, when I talked to my neurologist office they would have told me the authorization person was on vacation and would not be back until FRIDAY!

So, I left a voice mail with the lady I spoke with at this pharmacy, gave her my parents address where to send the refill I need. I may have been a bit sarcastic about me missing two weeks worth of my injections because of this, but hey, this whole medical establishment has it coming. They are uncaring and on top of it, are doing nothing to prolong our lives. I get the feeling they are doing their best to reduce the worlds population. If you do not believe me, do some research on population control. It will open your eyes.

Like I said, "Can you SPELL RED TAPE?"

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