Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mommy's Day Out-Twins Rest

Today was a nice day, yes, can you believe that!

We stayed home today, played in the backyard on the BIG climber for about an hour until the sun got hotter, then we moved indoors and played with our toys on the carpet.
I also read to my sweeties and just had fun with them indoors.
Nana went to the grocery store, Papa on his motorcycle, went to Home Depot and TJ's. When they got back, "A&E" helped Nana and Mommy put the groceries away and around 3:45, my sweeties went down for a rest, not really nap, I hear them talking right now.
With Nana and Papa home, I took their SUV for a drive to Home Goods and did a little shopping. I love my parents SUV. I told them in about 5 years, my hubby and I can take it off their hands.
Well, that is how our morning and afternoon went, if I have time, I will write some more for your reading pleasure.
Have a Blessed Day Everyone!

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