Saturday, October 11, 2008

TwiceBabies, Daddy and Mommy at DellOsso Farms

This afternoon, we all went to DellOsso Farms in Lathrop so the girls could see the farm animals in the petting zoo, take a pony ride, our twins got two pony rides, we also went on a train ride through the hay bale maze, which is what DellOsso is famous for, and in the end we got a photograph taken of the four of us.

But darn it, I forget my camera! So, we might go back next Saturday as they are open until Halloween. I really wanted to take photos of them on the pony's, on the train ride and petting the farm animals. There were several sheep(white and black), goats, pigs, and Emu, horses, ponies, burrows too.

Oh, and I saw another Mom with probably four month old boy/girl twins and she asked if it gets better, I simply said, "No, it does not."

Here is the one photo we took at the Farm and the DellOsso Farm Website:

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  1. Monica,
    It sounds like you all had a pretty good day even though you forgot your camera. I hope you guys can make it next weekend so the girls can have another great day enjoying all the fun things to do at the park.
    Love you always,
    Papa and Nana