Monday, May 21, 2012

TwiceGirlies Jumping in Sprinklers

Oh my twins, they are little tomboy's like Auntie Amy was. My precious twins are fearless and really do not mind getting dirty, as long as they are having fun, fun fun. Daddy was watering the backyard so the grass would not turn brown. Every time Daddy turns on the sprinkler, he asks if the twins want to jump in the them. Well of course! Their faces light up and they begin jumping up and down as if this is the coolest thing to ever do. It does not take a lot to keep them occupied and/or busy.

With the weather getting warmer, even though right now it is windy and 65 degrees, I would rather my TwiceGirlies be outside having fun. I mean they have been indoors for what, five or six months now. Now that my TwiceGirlies are riding their bikes, they like to do that every now and then, or ride their scooters. But when Daddy turns the sprinklers on, they are jumping in them and mud. Yes, they love the mud, even if they slip in it. My TwiceGirlies run in the mud too. They are just so precious and have Mommy laughing..

Mommy Loves Her TwiceGirlies

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