Wednesday, May 16, 2012

TwiceGirlies and Flattened Hair

If you have ever seen my twins, then you know how curly and long their hair is. I love their long curly hair, even though it is not so easy to take care of. Take for instance tonight at AWANA, Abby was standing behind me and her hair got tangled in my backpack. I began walking forward and heard her almost screaming because her hair was stuck in the zipper on my backpack. I had to have one of the Mom's behind me hold my backpack while I released Abby's lovely hair from the zipper.

With that said, a couple weeks ago I was flattening my hair when my twins come running down the hallway to see me. As always they jump on me with hugs, kisses and smiles all around. After putting down my twins I continued flattening my bangs and medium length hair. When I had finished flattening my hair I asked Emma, "Emma do you want me to flatten your hair"? She said yes so  began flattening her hair too. Then Abby came into the bathroom and saw how flat her sister's hair was. So I asked Abby if she wanted her hair flattened to and she said yes as well.

I love flattening their hair, it is fun to do but my goodness their looks really change. I mean they look so grown up and this saddens me. So I have decided to flatten their hair every once in a while.

Okay so if you have seen my twins before, do you like their hair better curly, straight or both? 

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