Thursday, May 31, 2012

Twins Painting on Patio

Last weekend  I went to a craft store in town to purchase a birthday gift for one of my twins friends. I only wanted to buy one gift, but I got more than one and something for my twins. My twins are very crafty and creative, so I bought them a birdhouse to paint. We started outside, on the patio, painting their birdhouses. The weather was pretty nice, at first, then the wind began to pick up and everything on the table began flying away.

So we had to move indoors where they completed their painting. Along with painting the birdhouses, they began painting pictures on white paper. My twins are so precious, they love making and giving. The birdhouses were supposed to be for my twins, but with their sweet hearts, they wanted to give the birdhouses to their friend. I told them sure, why not. I guess I could buy them another birdhouse to paint at a later date. One of the birdhouses looks like a .....well here are photos of my twins painting the birdhouses.

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