Friday, May 4, 2012

TwiceGirlies and My Twins First Birthday

When  my twins were still babies I purchased a lot of  kids books about twins. These books were written for little minds and I still read them to my twins today. I love any book with twins as the main theme. In fact I have written some books for my twins, about them, but I have not completed them yet.

A while back I asked to review and read these three books written by a little girl, Paris, in the Bay Area, who has twin sisters. These three books are called My Twins First Birthday, Paris Goes To Lake Tahoe and Paris Goes To San Francisco. In the book My Twins First Birthday, Paris writes about her twin sisters 1st birthday and how she was feeling left out. That was until she began planning the party with her Dad and Mom. With Dad she went to order the cake and went with Mom to the toy shop. Paris writes about how most of her twin sisters friends are twins too. The Paris writes about passing gifts out to her twin sisters and how messy they got when eating their birthday cakes.

In the book Paris Goes To Lake Tahoe, Paris writes about how she loves to go toTahoe with her family, even though it is three hours away from her home. She writes about who can spot the Olympic Rings first, racing down the slopes with friends and how her twin sister's like making a snowman. Paris writes about going to Tahoe in the summertime and loves being pulled in a raft on the lake and how Lake Tahoe is one of her favorite places to go with her family.

In the book Paris Goes To San Francisco, Paris writes about how lucky she is to live so close to San Francisco and is able to ride of the cable cars. Paris says if you ask the driver nicely, they will ring the bell for you. Paris writes about how she loves going to see the Coit Tower and that this tower was dedicated to the firefighters in S.F., she writes about going to Alcatraz and how scary that it is to visit. Paris also writes about how her Great Grandfather helped build the Golden Gate Bridge and how everyone today uses it for driving over, walking over and riding bikes over.

These books are a real joy to read and there are more books like these for any child who knows how to read. To learn more about these books check out MyFriendParis and see all the books she has already written. Every book Paris has written will make you and your child smile, twins or not.


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