Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Pink Headband with Flower for My Twins

Another gift for my twins this Valentine's are Pink Headbands with a Flower on it. These, just like the black beanie hats with a flower, were easy to make. It took me a month to finally get around to making the headbands and beanies. I looked at then in the bag I had them it, several times, them but the bag back down.

Finally, when Daddy took the twins out one night, I finally decided to make these headbands, and beanies. I knew how to make them, just was not sure how long it would take. Well, well, well, it look me less than twenty minutes to make two headbands and two beanies. It was so easy, I am wondering now, why it took me so long to finally get off my behind and make them.

I can tell you was something new I had never done before, that is why. This is something I can do in my sleep now. I can also make a headband for your little girl(s) too. These headbands also come in a variety of colors.

Here are photos of me making the headbands and me wearing one of them. Once I give my twins their Valentine's gifts and they put the headbands on, I will take photos of them wearing them and post an article here, with the photos too.

**I took this article from my other blog, AllThingsHomemade**.


  1. The headband you made is so pretty! I'm going to send the link to your post to my twins' grandmother - she's the clothing/accessory maker in our family and ask her to make these for my 3.5yr old girls. I just have to look at the materials for whatever I make to end up mishapen! :) Your girls are so lucky to have nice things made with love by their mother!

  2. Your twinkies are so cute!!!