Thursday, May 29, 2008

TwiceBabies and Their KeeKee

A few months back, I was purchasing groceries and in the baby food aisle, there were these stuffed animals on several shelves. Well, when I looked on the shelves, I saw some Kee Kee's. There were some black Kee Kee's and some, what looked like Siamese, Kee Kee's.

Now, when my twins were infants still, our real Siamese cat, Sassy, left us. I think with all the family over helping us and hearing babies cry, she did not know how to adjust to the "new" humans in the home. So, she left one rainy night in March.

Anyway, those are the Kee Kee's I purchased for my twins. The ones that look like Sassy.

With these Kee Kee's, my twins have begun rolling them in their flannel blankets Nana made them. So now, their Kee Kee's have to be in a blanket to stay warm.

It is just so cute and something they did all on their own.

Silly babies!!

God Bless Inventive Babies!!

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