Wednesday, May 28, 2008

TwiceBabies and Mommy Stayed in All Day

I do not know, it was a strange day. The weather was funky outside as it was very gloomy and overcasty. It did not rain, but the skies were not something to sing about either.

So, we stayed indoors all day, IN OUT PJ's!!!

That is right, we were in our PJs all day. We went to bed, last night in them, woke up in them, took our nap in them and then Mommy, that is me, but my twins in their room while I took a "Sower". You see, if my twins are not in their room, they will climb on anything and everything, especially our big TV. This, they have done before and it is not funny...

You would think my twins were boys, but NO!! They are precious, baby girls who get bored easily.

Anyway, hopefully the weather will get better soon as we just had Memorial Day. Usually after Memorial Day, the weather is 'supposed' to get warmer. We shall see....

God Bless!

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