Tuesday, November 25, 2008

TwiceToddlers Nana and Papa are Here!!

Yeah, this late afternoon, my parents and my twins Nana and Papa arrived after their 5 hour drive from SoCal. Nana and Papa will be here for Thanksgiving, of course, and a couple days after.

Oh, my twins, Twin "B" more specifically, just loved seeing Nana and Papa's SUV park behind Mommy's SUV. As soon as Nana got out of the SUV, I opened our door and she ran out of our home like a bat out of h_ll, running, to hug Nana and Papa. It was awesome seeing one of my twins running to hug and kiss my Mom. My other twin was in the bathroom and came running outside as soon as she was done..

Papa and Nana held both their twin granddaughters and gave them so many kisses. It makes me so happy to see my twins growing and being able to recognize their Nana and Papa. Well,they should recognize them as I have Nana and Papa on my computer slide show all the time. My twins also talk to Nana, sometimes Papa, on the phone.

Here is a cute video of my twins with my parents and some photos too.

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