Sunday, November 2, 2008

TwiceToddler A and B's New Beds and Bedding

About two weeks ago, Daddy, along with Mommy, purchased two white toddlers beds for our twins and two sets of bedding as well. Today, Daddy put the beds together and I washed the bedding and put it on their crib mattresses.
Here is what Twin A and B's Bed and Bedding look like in their room. I only wish they would sleep on them now. It will take an Act of God to actually get them to sleep on them, without Daddy and Mommy.
Twin A's Bed Twin B's Bed
Twin A and B's Bed and Bedding Together


  1. Monica,
    The beds are adorable. I really like the touch of brown. The girls shouldn't take too long to want to sleep in their new beds for WOW-- they will be 3 years old in a few days. You go --twice babies !!!!!!
    Love ya,