Sunday, November 30, 2008

TwiceToddlers Spending Time with NanaPapa

NanaPapa spent several days at our home and my twins, my parents granddaughters, had a blast with them. We all played in our backyard on our twins swing set and played indoors when the weather was cool.

Papa was very sweet to help Daddy secure the rope ladder to the fort and attach the basketball hoop to the other end of the fort.
Along with playing in the backyard, NanaPapa also took our their twin granddaughters to our mall and they rode the Carousel, played in the arcade and rode a train going around the mall.

Nana was singing to her twin daughters that she is so proud of and love to hug and kiss. It really breaks their hearts when they have to leave them. I am sure Nana gets all teary eyed as I do when I leave their home (my childhood home).

Let's see, we will see NanaPapa again next month for Christmas and that will be nice. My twins are beginning to eat a little bit better and we changed the type of milk they drink. This alone has already calmed them down and allowed them to sleep more soundly.
Mommy, that is me, began to puree' veggies and fruits to add to my girls meals. I am using a cookbook my Jessica Seinfeld. There are only a very limited amount of recipes my twins will eat, so I will look online for more "toddler" friendly meals I can incorporate these veggie and fruit puree's to.
Here are photos and videos of my twins with NanaPapa from their Thanksgiving Trip:

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