Thursday, December 4, 2008

TwiceToddlers and the Backyard Visitor

It all began in the late afternoon, yesterday. I was in my computer room and what did I see laying on my chaise lounge but an orange male cat. He was snuggled up all warm and cozy. At first, I thought he was my neighbors cat. But, he did not run or get scared when he saw me from the inside sliding glass door.

To hide him from my twins, I closed the curtains so as not to scare him or have him run away. He looked so content laying on several beach blankets I have folded on the chaise lounge.
The following morning as I opened the curtains, the orange cat was still there. Sleeping soundly on my chaise lounge. As I did yesterday, I closed the curtains as to not disturb him.

In the late afternoon as my twins woke up from their nap, we went outside to play on their fort/swing set and run around the backyard. Mommy was good, yet again, as I did not tell them the orange cat was on the lounge. Oh but believe me, I really wanted to. Nope, I kept my lips sealed and waited until they spotted our backyard visitor.

Around 4:31 in the afternoon, my twins finally spotted him napping on our lounge. These are the photos I took of my twins petting him and playing with him.

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