Thursday, December 25, 2008

TwiceToddlers Spend Christmas in SoCal

This Christmas, my twins, DH and myself drove to SoCal to spend Christmas with my parents, sister's family, our Aunts and Uncles. The drive down this time was just wonderful and I will tell you why. Can you guess? I sat in between my twins all the way down south and for some reason, this time, it seemed to calm my twins down. Well, this and the fact I but the DVD player on my knees so they could watch the Little Einstein's Christmas Wish DVD.

Once at NanaPapa's home, my twins had so much fun. NanaPapa love their twin granddaughter's so much and they played outside, watched toddlers shows together and just had a nice time together.

For Christmas Eve, my sister, her family and me and my family all spend time together at my parents home. We had a delicious Spaghetti dinner and nice chit chat. Once dinner was done, we all went to the living room where Papa read from Luke II. Then Papa began passing out Christmas gifts to all the grandchildren and everyone else.

The next day, NanaPapa, the twins and myself went to my sister's home for Christmas dinner. My DH was not feeling well as his neck was hurting and his allergies were bothering him.

On Saturday, we all went to my Gramma's home where my twins got to see some of my Aunt's again and play in the backyard. Oh, and my twins were able to play with their cousins, my sister's kids, again too.

We all had a very nice Christmas and we created very nice memories. My twins were able to climb and sit in an Avocado tree I used to climb as a child and swing on the swing set I used to swing on as a child too.

Don't you just love when things from your childhood are passed down to your children? It puts a smile on my face.

God Bless!!

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