Thursday, December 11, 2008

TwiceToddlers and Our Little Christmas Tree

This year, just like last, we had to put up a tiny Christmas Tree. That is, if we wanted one at all. Well, of course I wanted a Christmas Tree. The only difference is, last year, I was able to place our tiny Christmas Tree on our dining room table. This year with out twins being three, they would have more access to our Christmas Tree.
The only place in our home which is tall enough for our twins to not reach is our Armour in the Family Room. Last year, I did not have tiny ornaments to place on the tree and it tended to fall over or fall down all together. This year, I purchased some tiny ornaments and a tiny Christmas Tree Skirt too.
Here is our Tiny Christmas Tree on top our Armour.
Next year when our twins are four years old, I am hoping to put up our "fake" Christmas Tree in our Family Room with all my "regular" ornaments and tree skirt. I will also be able to place all their gifts under the tree instead of in the corner of a particular room in my home.
God Bless
Luke II

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