Monday, December 8, 2008

TwiceToddlers "Make Salsa"

Recently, my twins have begun saying, "Make Salsa." I have no idea where they came up with this saying. Now, my Mom and I, love to make salsa, but my twins also watch this one children's TV show called "HI-5."

On one of the shows, the character Kimmie makes salsa and this is where I am also assuming my twins decided to all of a sudden not only say, "Make Salsa", but with their hands in a swirling motion, show they are mixing the salsa together.

It is the cuties thing and wow, my twins are so bright to end remember what that show was about because this particular show has not been on Comcast for two to three months.

God Bless my eager to learn twins.

I mean honestly, there really is nothing to do when the weather is below 69 degrees in my city but stay indoors and learn.

So, HI-5 Twins A and E!

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