Monday, November 3, 2008

TwiceToddler "B" and the Boxspring

So this morning, my twins were playing around me in the computer room, when all of a sudden the boxspring that my twins used to sleep on, with the mattress of course, came tumbling down on my head!

You see, I was turning Twin "A" around on my new computer chair, just as I did with Twin "B". Earlier this morning, both my twins were playing in between the mattress and boxspring. That was fine, until I pushed both pieces together and BAM!, the boxspring came tumbling down on my head. Which in turn hit my nose and made my nose bleed. It was not a lot of blood, but every piece of tissue paper I used had blood on it.

So, I emailed hubby and told him what happened and to please, remove the mattress and boxspring when he gets home for lunch. He did remove both pieces and told Twin "B" to say, "Sorry Mommy", which she did.

I was not really mad at Twin "B", just not feeling too well and it was unexpected.

God Bless all those who did not get injured today!

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