Thursday, November 20, 2008

TwiceToddlers Grossed Mommy Out!

Okay, so, finally, Daddy and Mommy are getting our toddler twins to sleep without us. My two sweet friends from Bible Study could not believe we still had to sleep with our girls. They said, and this is true, "Our girls have us wrapped around our fingers and who is the parent, them or you?"

Well, my girlfriends told me this before, but my DH was not ready to let our girls sleep by themselves. Anyway, I was going to Walmart after Bible Study to look for a airbag to lay on and this is why my sweet friends WOKE ME UP!!!

I came back from Walmart and told my DH why I did not purchase the airbag and they our girls do have us wrapped around their fingers.

So, today is the first day my twins are napping without me. I have to keep coming into their room to quite them down and get them on their beds. Well, on my third trip into their room, I see both my twins sitting on a blanket, on the carpet, Twin "B" with diaper off and both my twins playing with POOP!!!

Oh, it was so gross, I totally freaked out!! Oh my goodness, I picked the diaper and the poop up, and totally washed their hands. Twin "B" was going to put her fingers in her mouth. I asked them both, "Did you eat any POOP?"

My goodness, I guess this is normal for toddlers to be curious about their bowel functions, but GROSS!!! All I could see is both my twins eating their POOP and getting really sick.

If this happens to your twins or has happened to you and your twins, I am sorry!!!

Curiosity Killed The Cat......

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