Friday, November 21, 2008

TwiceToddlers Napping Soundly

It is another day and my twins are again, napping without Mommy and will not be sleeping with Daddy tonight either.

My twins, they love, and are obsessed with stuff animals. They have so many in their room. They transport them from their room to their fort outside, in the hallway, in Daddy shower, in the living room and finally, in the family room.

Right now, my Twin "A" loves Tigers and Twin "B" loves Pandas. When my twins go to daycare, they just have to take them along with them. This is fine with me because their stuffed animals keep them calm and this is a good thing.

I kinda got off track there, sorry!

Anywho, my twins have been napping since 2:30. Wow, I am impressed. But, it looks like I will wake them up, otherwise, they will be awak until 11:00PM. I think my DH and I will be putting them down for the night at 9 or 9:3o. Then they should be really ready to hit the sheets.

God Bless!!

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