Saturday, June 30, 2007

Saturday Out with The Twins

Today, we all went out.
First, I exchanged a broken frame at Target for a new one, then, we drove to Stockton, went to a cute, but expensive baby boutique, then walked over to this Bear shop, kinda of like Build-A-Bear, the, we found out where Toy's R Us had moved to and went there to get Twins "A&E" a climbing toy.
I mean, when you have twins who all they want to do is climb, it is in your best interest to just break down and get them a climbing toy. It will last them at least 2-3 years and will be worth it.

When we got home, oh, they were t-i-r-e-d as all get out..

So, we put them down to sleep and I watched a two movies, back and forth, on TV, while my hubby watched the rest of golf.

Then, when the babies got up from their nap, I fed them, while Daddy tried to put their new toy together.

Well, we tried and tried and...hubby went across the street to get help from our neighbor. Our neighbor found that two holes had not been drilled into place as they should have been. He was kind enough to get his hole driller and drill the two missing holes in the plastic toy.

If the holes had been there, we totally could have put this thing together in no time.

I think I am going to email this company and make sure the do their due diligence before getting their products out the door to customers.

This is just typical of us to get a defective product!!

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