Wednesday, June 27, 2007

With Twins, expect a Cyclone!

Twins are fun I grant you that. Even if you did not pray for twins all you childhood life as I did, they are always a blessing and so much fun. The thing to have to remember is, when they become toddlers, walking and running, they will more likely than not begine to climb on everything!
Aside from that, they also leave a trail of their stuff all over your home.

What I have pictured here is just the tip of the iceburg. This morning, I closed off the great room so they could not climb on the picture window bench.

But did this stop them from climbing? Oh no, there is plenty of furniture in the living room for climbing. Let's see, I moved the ottoman to the wall so they would not use it to climb on the oversized chair, but guess what? They just bring their legs over and up on the big chair without the ottoman!

Now, Twin "A" is pushing her highchair away from the dining table and attempting to climb on that..

Lord have mercy!!

I think it is time for Daddy and I to get a small jungle gym for them to climb on.

Well, it seems I have gotten away from my cyclone issue.

Yes, your home will turn into a cyclone. I do not care how many times you clean your home in the daytime or evening. Your twins will take over....

The best thing to do is take them outside!

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