Sunday, June 17, 2007

Twins and mimicking each other

It is funny, the older they both get, I see Twin B mimicking her sister, Twin A.

Tonight for instance, Twin A was moving a hair brush, with the flat side on our coffee table, back and forth, back and forth, well, Twin B watched her doing this and had to get the other brush and do the same thing.

As they did this, they laughed and giggled and laughed some more.

They are so cute together when they are not fighting.

Twin A has been hitting her sister, Twin B a lot lately. My hubby says this is just fair play and that what goes around, comes around.

I have given up on reprimanding either of them for hitting because my words fall on deaf ears at this point. Anyway, I am sure they will grow out of it, right?

Sure they will!

They love each other and play together fine, for the most part anyway.

Just think, if you are a mother of twins, what you get to look forward to as well.

The fun is never ending..

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