Tuesday, June 19, 2007

When Twins Like to Climb and Think it is Funny

Since my twins have learned to walk at 12 and 13 months, they have also learned to climb.

They climb everything from our couches, to ottomans, to picture window bench. They are like little monkey's and do not listen.

If, in your home, you have any of these objects, be forewarned of this activity and if need be, do a time out for a minute or two. I know it is supposed to be a minute of time out per year, but at ome year old, they do not understand time and will only cry in your designated time out area.

My time out area is their cribs. There, I know they will not run away.

Oh yeah, yesterday, Twin B has begun climbing our coffee table, I am sure this too will have to be moved to our garage for saftey reasons alone.

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