Wednesday, June 27, 2007

When the Natives, your Twins, are Restless

When this happens, it is your duty, yes, your duty as Mommy, to do something, anything to keep them occupied.

Play with them on the carpet or whatever floor surface you have, take them to the park (as long as it is big enough for them to roam around in and not get smacked by a passing vehicle), have them play in your backyard (as long as this too is safe for them), let them "help" you with your cleaning chores (my twins love helping me, especially helping me make my bed, they give me the decorative pillows), let them help you load laundry, or clean your kitchen floor.

Do whatever it takes to occupy their time and keep them busy..

This is all age appropriate activities though. My twins are 19 months and have begun to be Mommy's Little Helper's. I and you would not expect your infant twins to do any of the above activities.

God Bless,

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