Saturday, June 23, 2007

Twins Babies are built in friends

The good thing about having twin babies and/or toddlers is that they are built in friends.

Even though they fight with each other constantly, they really do love each other.

Let me tell you why, I believe since living in Mommy's womb for 7 months, my twins probably jockied for position into the birth canal. This would be the first place they fought to get their way.

So, why would it be any different outside the womb? Babies, yes, even twins, want what the other one has and will take without remorse.

Why? Because babies, yes, even twins, have to taught to share. Sharing, even with adults is something that has to be taught. But how can adults be taught to share if they were not shown this as a child?

See, when we train up our children in the way they should go, when they get older, they will not depart from it. Yes, the Bible and our Lord had and has it right. This is such a simple rule or follow to. Sharing, even as a baby, takes time and persistence.

Sharing is the best thing anyone can do for another for another human being. Without sharing, our world would be a very sad place indeed.

So, getting back to my twins babies, they are built in friends, even if they do not comprehend this yet. But, when they begin talking in sentences and Mommy is able to talk to them about being in Mommy's belly at the same time, maybe, just maybe, this will encourage them to love each other more, and become best friends.

Even since they were infants, I drilling into their head that they were SISTERS and BEST FRIENDS!! To this day, at 19 months, I still tell them they are sisters and best friends!

Also, having twins is great because one child will not have to worry about being lonely or longing for a playmate.

They are instant friends, even if they do not always play nice.

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