Monday, June 11, 2007

Twins as Individuals

Twins are indeed seperate little persons. Infact, they are seperate human beings. Mine are just that, seperate little persons.

Sometimes, I catch myself treating them as if they are one.

I say this because when it is naptime, feeding time, playtime, or bathtime, I do it all at the same time with them, together.

Do you think they know they are seperate from each other?

You bet I do. I can tell you this because if they were one, they would not be fighting with each other. They would instead love each other.

I have to tell them to love each other.

This is why I Daddy and I have special times with our girls, one on one. This, I created on my own and believe it helps them with they self esteem and knowing Daddy and Mommy love them, seperately.

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