Friday, June 29, 2007

Avent vs. Soothie Bottles for Babies

Avent Baby Bottles are supposed to be the best, right?

Well, I am not a fan of them at all.

Ever since my twins were 2 months old, all they did was spill on me.

I would get so frustrated because they would not stay tight.

Was I doing something wrong with them? Were they too tight?

I do not now, but my hubby and I began using Soothie bottles instead and they are the best. Soothie Bottles stay tight when you close them and they are easy to drink from. The only drawback about these bottles is that the nipple could fall into the bottle if baby sucks on it too hard. But this did not happen to me at anytime.

When our twins were in the NICU, they used Soothie Pacifier's to calm them down. So, when my hubby saw the Soothie Bottle's at WalMart, he purchased a 3-pack and they were the best.

So, if you are not happy with the Avent Bottles, try Soothie Bottles instead

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