Friday, June 15, 2007

Dates with Mommy and Daddy

Today, we had dates with Mommy and Daddy.

Twin A went with me the mall where it was cool. I got them Disney Princess sandels with velcro on them of course. Who ever thought putting velcro on a toddlers shows was a brilliant idea, was very wrong. Maybe they do not have babies who take off their shoes , but mine do.

I believe it reached 100 today and so we stayed indoors all day and had to turn on our A/C of course.

Twin B went with Daddy to the grocery store, went to see papa and grandma and then to our local park.

Our twins love being by themselves, spending time alone with Daddy or Mommy. They are like a totally different baby. No fighting, no fussing, no hitting or biting.

We love having dates with Mommy or Daddy. It is the perfect time for them to be by themselves and get to know Mommy or Daddy on their own without any competition from sister.

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