Monday, June 25, 2007

Twins so Tiny

Their moment into the world was right on time
Seven months and out came two itty bitty babies
Their hands were no bigger than a silver dime

Twenty-four to forty-eight hours I had to wait
Time my twins needed to grow and develop
Maybe he forgot I could not keep straight?

My doctor asked, "Natural or C-Section"
With no hesitation and lots of irritation
I said, "C-Section with loads of inflection

Weighing in at a little over 3 lbs each
Breathing from an oxygen machine
These babies were not born breach

In the NICU they ate and grew for fifteen days
With help from their nurses and doctors
Under their own warm incubators letting out rays

Right before Thanksgiving they arrived at home
Prayers were answered that day and long, long ago
Without my precious twins, there would be no poem

©June 26, 2007

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