Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Twins and Books

Since my twins were 10 months old, they have loved to be read to. Well actually, my husband and I have read to our twins since they were infants. In fact, I read to them when they were in my womb.

Maybe this is why they love to be read to everyday.

Twin B, she is so cute, she just sits on the floor, hard or carpeted, and opens a book, looks at the photos while pointing at the pictures.

Twin A, she does the same thing, except she points out loud to each item pictured.

Oh, and they love sitting somewhere on my lap. They usually fight for a place to sit on my legs. Or, one will sit in between my legs and the other on one of my legs.

When I read to them, they are so precious because they look at me and smile, especially Twin B. She just loves for me to read to her and she loves when I get animated in my voice and physical animations.

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